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like i truly can’t think of a single instance in my life where liking a boy paid off well for me in the end. 

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Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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ok I think I finally found another k-drama to start, and I hope Inspiring Generation is worth it. There’s 24 episodes, but the good thing is that I might be able to dedicate a good chunk of time to just bing watching it since my major is canceling classes for an entire week. I might as well do something to keep me occupied.


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Preview clip from Episode 4 of Book 4, “The Calling” [x].

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Do any of my followers (or any random person who might see this) go to the UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON or TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY???
I’m trying to go ahead & start looking into colleges I can transfer to next fall after I finish up at the college I was going to back home in KY. I want to know how the schools are from a students perspective & also Greek life because I’d like to be in the sorority my mom used to be in or one that’s diverse.

I’m a junior at UH, and for the most part my experience here has been pretty positive. Some of the programs here are ranked as one of the best in state and country, so the price you have to pay for tuition can be worth it depending on which degree you’re going for. If you’re going to live on campus, then I’m pretty sure you’ll end up being somewhat disappointed. There’s hardly anything to do on the weekends, and most of the restaurants here aren’t even open. Unless you can afford to have a car and pay for a parking pass, you’ll be stuck doing hardly anything.

As for sororities, I can’t really help there. I’ve looked at some, but I decided to not commit to them and instead focused on student organizations within my college. However, I know that if you’re looking for diverse groups to join, you’re definitely going to find them here. There’s so many people with different backgrounds and interests, so you’re bound to find others to connect with.  

:) If you have any other questions, you can message me at any time! My major is Hotel and Restaurant Management, but I’m sure I could help you out with anything else.

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old photos

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After 10 seasons, there are still people who think Dean Winchester can do no wrong. 

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