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Surplus Princess - what could the ending be?


With only two episodes left there is a lot to resolve. I’m still not sure with whom she will end up or if she does end up with anyone at all, because it seems like Hyun Myung is the first lead, but Ha Ni is after Shi kyung in episode 8 (with two episodes to go, I wonder how that will work?)
I’m still not sure with whom I want her to end up with, I tend to Shi Kyung, but Hyun Myung makes absolutely more sense. Ha Ni has a crush on Shi Kyung, thinks he is attractive but they didn’t really get enough scenes to get to know each other for real, which makes me wonder what Shi Kyung sees in Ha Ni? He obviously likes her bubbly personality and that she makes him smile, but is that all? Besides the unresolved buisness with Jin Ah/Ha Ni and who his underwater saviour really is.
With Hyun Myung it actually makes sense, because they got to know each other, were enemies before and now friends. They show each other their good and bad sides, especially Ha Ni can show her true aggressive self which she tries to hide from Shi Kyung. It’s based on more than looks. Besides the fact that he is the first of the two to know she is a mermaid and still tries to protect her secret (preview episode 9).

If it follows the book, of course she turns into foam and disappears because her prince loved someone else, but in this case Shi Kyung actually likes Ha Ni and not his supposed saviour. It makes me wonder how they will make Ha Ni fall in love with Hyun Myung in just two episodes if it’s not Shi Kyung? Or is it true love=destiny, meaning that no matter what she falls in love with Hyun Myung?

Based on what we see in episode 1, Ha Ni (now with a new hair cut), looks sad while walking on the beach and before turning into foam gives a man clad in a suit/shirt her hand before disappearing. This would mean we would get no real happy ending, since it’s a rom-com I’ll dispose of that idea, but the option stands. Furthermore is it confusing, because she obviously connected with one of the guys but still turns into foam and I don’t get the new hair cut? A Flashfoward or one of those “I-broke-up-with-my-boyfriend-so-I-cut-my-hair” thing?

And more importantley, I don’t know if any of you saw, but Ha Ni actually walks through the water on the beach without turning into a mermaid? What’s with that? Could it actually be, that she turns into foam (she looks sad because she thinks she dies) after having met her true love just to return as a human being?

I have a feeling that the suit cladded man is Hyun Myung, because they really focuse on that white suit shirt (which could mean Hyun Myung finally found a good job) and Shi Kyung mostly wears them up to his sleeve.

Still, I want Shi Kyung and Ha Ni, because I just love seeing him laugh and I adore how bubbly she is around him. After all, the “real” little mermaid didn’t give up on her prince too and if he knew she saved him, he definitely would have loved her back (it was his reason of loving and marrying the other girl, he thought she saved him). So I have hope that this time around our prince and mermaid have their happy ending because the prince actually likes the mermaid and not the supposed saviour.

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